Touching the rice

Cherry blossom tree “Kimpo Sakura” was planted when the brewery was built.
It’s a big weeping cherry tree and always bear flowers once a year when the brewing is being prepared. All would gather around the tree and enjoy the cherry blossoms.
It is a three hundred seven-year-old tree planted in Shotoku period.
Every time we look up the tree, we think of the people who have actually planted it.
They must have wished many people would enjoy the beauty of this tree in future.

  • Inside the brewery, there are many state-of-the art machines.
    The process of sake brewing is controlled by numbers. Humidity, temperature and so on. The master brewer and the workers watch these numbers carefully and proceed with the daily work.

  • On the other hand, Shizenmai (natural rice) is full of information which cannot be described in numbers.
    The master brewer touches, smells and evaluates the grains.
  • The master brewer would sharpen his senses when he touches the rice.
    He does it now, as he did years ago.
    It is wisdom from a long time ago. The flow of the time fills his and our body. We all stand in a straight and narrow road from the past.