As a member of this natural world.

You must be kind to everybody today.
You must be gentle to others today.
You must feel grateful to one another today.
All must talk in unison.
There lives a god in the sake brewery.
Purify the soul and unite the heart to enter the brewery today.

  • 50 years ago, Mr. Yasumitsu Niida, the 17th generation owner of Niida-honke, wished to brew Omiki, sacred sake to be offered to god.

  • So that one can be more fulfilling,
    So that one can be more pure.
    So that god would happily accept the offer.
  • As a member of this natural world, rice, water and human beings, all have to be equally pure.
  • Fifty years since then, Niida-honke has heightened its standard.
    All the sake we make, are made with Shizenmai (non-fertilization / pesticide-free rice) and natural water only.