Tamura village and its hills

Children come from cities and would say “I’ve never seen real frogs! It’s scary.”
He sits near the paddy and says “Ant! Grasshopper!”
When the frogs jump from the paddy into the foot path, children watch in amazement.
Frogs and children, they stare at each other.

  • We do not use any artificial fertilizer nor pesticide.
    Rice straws, chaffs, grass on the foot path between rice fields.
    All becomes nutrients for the paddy.
    For weeding, we use human hands and traditional paddy cart.
    Tadpole shrimps in the soil also help us to control the paddy weeds.

  • The place is surrounded by beautiful hills and rivers with clear water.
    Rice and vegetables are raised with the rich soil.
    Self-sufficient life style is quite feasible along with many creatures.
  • To realize a real natural country life with our friends in the area.
    In 2009, Niida-honke established agricultural production corporation and the products are certified as“organic products”by the government.