Message from the past three hundred years

Spring and summer, autumn and winter.
For each of every three hundred sixty five days,
we close eyes and listen carefully to the voice of water.
Smells of snow and pathway with fresh green leaves.
Water has always been with these sceneries.
Each clear water drops ultimately becomes our sake.

  • Once we start walking in the mountain pathway, our breathing deepen.
    Acorn, autumn leaves, chestnut tree and mountain cherry blossom tree.
    All appear in the same place as they did in our childhood.

  • Respect and never disturb our mountains.
    We’ve observed and passed on this teachings.
    We’ve been given this rich spring water and with this water we brew sake.
  • Water is a message from mountains.
    Rainy year and snowy year.
    Year with joy and year with tear.
  • Mountains and water are there for three hundred years.
    May they be there as are after the next hundred years.
    Pause and take a view of the unspoiled mountains.